Ark United Christian Community Churches International (AUCCCI)

``But whoever is united with the Lord is one with him in spirit.`` 1 Corinthians 6:17 NIV
What is AUCCCI?

The Ark United Christian Community Churches International (AUCCCI) is a fellowship of churches committed to raising sons and daughters in the ministry who are powerfully and prophetically equipped to fulfill the Great Commission. Our mission is to equip local congregations with effective administration structures and spiritual empowerment. Providing powerful apostolic leadership, our fellowship also offers mentoring, accountability, vision and instruction for pastors, ministers and directors of para-church ministries.

Under the anointed, apostolic covering of Founder and Presiding Prelate Bishop C. Anthony Muse, our fellowship of churches transforms leaders into powerful agents of change in the church, in the local community and in the world.

Our Presiding Prelate

Bishop C. Anthony Muse is the senior pastor of the Ark of Safety Christian Church. A powerful, nationally known and respected teacher and preacher of the gospel, Bishop Muse is well-regarded among his Spirit-filled congregation and the community. Bishop Muse has a true servant’s heart, and his apostolic mantle has not only created the Ark of Safety Christian Church but also Ark United Christian Community Churches International, the Ark of Safety Bible College, and Clergy United, an activist group of more than 150 pastors in and around the Washington, DC, Metropolitan area and
Prince George’s County, MD.

Our Vision
  • pastors with a covenant relationship of support and mutual accountability.
  • pastors with biblical and ministerial credentialing in preparation for ministry as service to the community.
  • pastors with spiritual leadership and direction for ministry.
  • pastors and ministers with spiritual tools necessary for biblically based leadership administration, political connection, and empowerment.
  • pastors and ministers with leadership seminars, equipping and training for social and political relevance.
  • pastors and ministers with a network of peers and ecumenical fellowship to assist in church growth, administration, and evangelism.
  • pastors with practical instruction and assistance with regard to incorporation, tax- filings, 501c3 applications and meeting all of the ever-changing laws and codes relevant to churches.
Our National Members

Church Representative
Ark of Safety Christian Church, Upper Marlboro, MD Bishop C. Anthony Muse
Bread of Life Tabernacle Pastor Pastor Dennis Rowe
Christ Kingdom Culture Bishop H. Evan Smith
City of David Tabernacle Bishop Joel Njoku
 Courts of Praise Christian Church  Pastor Lamar McIntyre
 Garment of Praise Ministries  Pastor Andre Crouch
 Greater Good Samaritan Baptist Church  Bishop Ode Hines
 Greater Imani Family Tabernacle  Overseer Jason Veney
 Metropolitan Outreach Worship Center  Bishop W. Anthony Brown
 New Holiness Outreach Christian Center  Pastor Cornell Lartman
 New Hope Baptist Church  Bishop Robert E. White
 Spirit of the Living God Worship Center  Bishop Billy Saint James Pastor
 Temple of God Christian Center  Kennard Carter
 Mt. Olive Baptist Church  Bishop William A. Spann

Our Covenant

AUCCCI Churches Covenant To . . .

  • Operate under principles of biblical accountability and receive instruction and pastoral advisement from AUCCC.
  • Contribute financially to the welfare of Ark United Christian Community Churches International.
  • Maintain a disciplined prayer life and devotional habits.
  • Participate in ongoing ministerial and biblical training.
  • Aggressively participate in the propagation of biblical truth through the planting of new church congregations whenever possible.
  • Conduct all church and personal business above reproach.

For more information about AUCCCI

An Independent Fellowship of Churches

Please Contact Office of the Bishop

Attn: Bishop Daon M. Johnson

AUCCI Headquarters – 9402 Marlboro Pike, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

Phone: (301)-599-5780